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Are you currently spending money on advertising? Did you know that SMS marketing is 6x more effective than any other form of advertising?

What’s Text Marketing?

1Originally being available only to large businesses and corporations, text marketing has become affordable for small businesses and individuals alike thanks to AvidTexting. With text marketing offering a higher ROI than any other form of advertising, more and more businesses are switching their marketing efforts over into mobile advertisements.

Why Text Marketing?

2Studies have shown that text message advertising has a response rate 6 times higher than that of direct mail, paper ads and email. With traditional marketing efforts less effective than ever before and 173.2 billion text messages being sent monthly, it is a must-have for businesses and professionals alike.

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Who Is It For?

3Anyone. Small or large businesses. Companies, Professionals, Performers or Organizations.

Anyone can make use of text message marketing. AvidTexting is so flexible and effective that you’re going to be surprised at all the possibilities our text messaging service can do for you.

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How Does It Work?

4Simple. People simply subscribe to your list by texting your keyword(anything you want) to 71441. Anyone who does so will receive the welcome message that you’ve set up – either your business info, a coupon, a welcome message or anything you want. You now have a list of highly targeted people that you can market to whenever you want!

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